Making the balance

Jema Apparat

Balance is the heart of the clockwork. This organ should work uninterruptedly, accurately, arranged, rhythmically, reliably and stably. Once upon a time Galileo Galilei, conducting his research, a time intervals he counted by his own pulse.

Balance - this is the central node that regulates the course of the oscillatory system. It performs the same function as the pendulum in a stationary clock, namely, to oscillate evenly. Thanks to this invention, have appeared the habitual today the pocket watch and wristwatches. Although, as before, the accuracy of their oscillations depends on the forces of gravity, ambient temperature and even atmospheric pressure.

Special devices

The balance is made from alloys of nickel silver, brass or beryllium bronze. In the mechanism, it should be on the axis in a balanced position, special devices are used for this operation.

Jean Widmer-Steiner, Jema-Apparate, Poising tool

These devices perform the same function as the Poising tool, only at a more professional level. A balance wheel must be adjusted so it has no heavy spot on the rim or the watch will run at differents rates in different pendant position.

Balance/Roller Remover

This device is for remove the balance axis, at the same time it is guaranteed that the balance spokes will not bended.

Luthy Device for determining the length of the spiral Spiralabzählmaschine

Device for determining the length of the spiral, as well as the frequency with which the balance should fluctuate.