How is created own watch


"The Society of Saxon Watchmaking" in Glashutte and its leader Rolf Lang, who for a long time worked as curator of the physics and mathematics salon of the museum in Dresden, gave me impetus in development. I learned a lot there.

The first project of a watch

Watch from ivory, clockwork

This mechanism is not yet ready. The idea of the project arose after visiting Glashutte in 2009, a small town in which the center of the German watch industry is located. I was impressed by the elegant shapes and fine mechanics of the wristwatch. I really wanted to try to do something like this.

In my workshop the first industrial machines appeared.

Watch from ivory, sketch

I designed my first mechanism myself, but not without the help and advice of experienced watchmakers. I adhered to the Glashutte traditions: the three-quarter platinum, the sun polish, the jewels packed into the châteaux.

Watch from ivory, clockwork sketch

A year later I was able to manually make the first parts for this mechanism. In their manufacture, various materials were used. The plate, the drum, some bolts and wheels are made of ivory. Châtelets and some bolts from gold, 22 carats. On the steel drum and crown wheel made a solar shlif. Of steel are also pinions, some bridges, gears and bolts. Chronometer wheel Ø 9,4 mm. Made of steel on its own sketch. Here completely manual work with the use of needle file. At first I divided the gear round the circumference into five parts, and then I grind out the spokes under the microscope. The teeth were milled by means of a division machine on Shaublin with a milling cutter of their own making.

Watch from ivory, wheels Watch from ivory, wheels under a microscope

Joint project with watch manufactory Lang & Heyne in Dresden

Watch from ivory, clockwork

In 2011, Mr. Marco Lang, member of theAHCI, the son of Rolf Lang and the owner manufactory Lang & Heyne asked if I can imagine that one day there will be an ivory clock on the "Alexander Babel project" with Lang & Heyne. In March 2012, one copy was already ready and in a couple of weeks at the opening of the watch salon "Hartding 1903" the first such watch were presented.