Gear hobbing machine

To cut teeth on the exact mechanical components in production, several methods are distinguished. To select a certain method, the shape of the part, the required accuracy, and also the quantity of parts are important.

Gear hobbing machine Gauthier W1

Calmbach an der Enz (Germany)

Gear hobbing machine Gauthier W1, schema

I use the Gear hobbing machine of Alfred Gauthier GmbH, model W1 of 1951, in my workshop.

Gear hobbing machine Gauthier W1, sign

The cutting of a teeth by rolling method has advantages over the method of division. The accuracy of the form is much higher. With one worm cutter the gears can be cut in general with any number of teeth with the exact shape. Provided an impeccable attachment for fixing the workpiece, potential errors in the division or radial are excluded.

Gear hobbing machine Gauthier W1, overall view

The blanks are fed into the machine either manually or by an automatic feeder. The burrs that appear during the milling are removed by the special attachment.

Gear hobbing machine Gauthier W1, automatically mill

You can also automatically mill the pinions.

Gear hobbing machine Gauthier W1, milling cutter, schema

The milling of cogwheels by the rolling method is performed by a worm modular milling cutter. The worm milling cutter is a screw with a modular thread of a trapezoidal profile. The thread has a profile of the lath, the module of which corresponds to the module of the cut out wheels. The threaded profile of the milling cutter is intersected by grooves.

Technical data Gauthier W1

Working areas:

  • largest module 0.8
  • largest diameter to be machined with magazine 20 mm/60 mm without
  • maximum workpiece length 40 mm

Milling spindle:

  • largest cutter Ø 24 mm
  • maximum width of 12 mm
  • spindle speed 400-500-625-800-1000-1250-1600-2000-2500 rev/min (with frequency converter freely adjustable between 0-2500 rev/min)
  • table movement off automatically or manually

Weights and dimensions:

  • width: 650 mm
  • length: 600 mm
  • height: 1350 mm
  • net weight, without the equipment: 320 kg
  • Year 06/02/1951


  • wheel cooling pump 2 l/min
  • device for deburring
  • device for the automatic feed