Longcase clock (grandfather clock)

The style of the clock can be attributed to the Rococo. For the aesthetic design of the watch case I used many decorative techniques. On the doors bright inlay. There are sculptures of the antique plan. The case of oak is decorated with artistic elements, like twisted side columns, figured legs, curved doors.

The upper part of the longcase clock is finished by the wooden figure of the harpist, and on the top of this composition the winged Sirin from the mammoth's bone soars. To the magical sounds of the harp and the singing of the Sirin joined the amurs from the aquamarine decorating the top of the side columns.

On the bottom door there is an Inlaid panel on the plot Auguste Renoir's "Dance at Bougival". The Eiffel Tower in the background completes the Parisian city landscape.

Work on the clock is not over.

Longcase clock (grandfather clock), unique
Germany 2006-2009
Author: Alexander Babel

Housing: oak.


  • oil: tung, linseed, orange, camellia, beeswax, rosin, balsam, turpentine.

    Showcases of the curved glass.


  • Lapis Lazuli (Afghanistan)
  • Fringing: malachite (Zaire)
  • Numerals, watch hands and band: gold 333


  • Orel Watch Factory (ОЧЗ), 03.1962, №47746
  • Pendulum: oak, chrome, 115mm


  • Harpist: oak
  • Harp: fernambuk, bone of mammoth tusk, silver 935
  • Bird of Paradise (Sirin): bone of mammoth tusk
  • Cupids: Aquamarine

Inlay. Upper door:

  • Abalone (the Philippines), amber, malachite (Zaire), bone of mammoth tusk, brass, silver 935.
  • Showcases from bent glass

Lower door:

  • Man: granite (Baltik-Green), beech, mahogany, movingui (citric wood), Abalone (Paua) iris (the Philippines), bone of mammoth tusk, brass
  • Woman: Abalone (Gastropoda Orthogastropoda Vetigastropoda Pleurotomarioides Halotidae), Ambon wood, bone of mammoth tusk and turquoise.
  • Eiffel Tower made of silver 935
  • Flowers: Abalone, amber, malachite (Zaire), bone of mammoth tusk, and silver 935
  • Frame made of lapis lazuli (Afghanistan)
  • Handle: amber, bone of mammoth tusk


  • Abalone (Paua) iris (the Philippines), malachite (Zaire), bone of mammoth tusk, ebony and silver 935


  • Height: 2145mm
  • Width: 395mm
  • Depth: 170mm
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