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These are projects, an example of the realization of by myself acquired knowledge and skills:

High-precision engineering and tool creation, logistics and planning, production and assembly methods, manufacturing and marketing

Threading attachment for Schaublin 70

Artist and cabinetmaker

Longcase Clock with carving and inlay

Constructor and watchmaker

Project of my own watch

Joint work

Joint project with watch manufactory Lang & Heyne in Dresden

In 2011, Mr. Marco Lang, member of theAHCI, the son of Rolf Lang and the owner manufactory Lang & Heyne asked if I can imagine that one day there will be an ivory clock on the "Alexander Babel project" with Lang & Heyne. In March 2012, one copy was already ready and in a couple of weeks at the opening of the watch salon "Hartding 1903" the first such watch were presented.

Electronics and Informatics

Car-PC for Mercedes Е Klasse W211.

The task was to develop a control unit that would use signals from the CAN Bus of the car and communicate with Car-PC, and, of course, a compact computer that would fit in the niche from the radio.