Clockwork cleaning

The watch mechanism can be cleaned manually in the cleaning gasoline with a help of brushes or mechanicaly in the special devices. To effectively and without a damage clean the watch parts, you need to choose the right method and chemical composition for each type of contamination. Cleaning with a brush for the clockwork is not very good, so I prefer the ultrasonic bath and the machine for mechanized dry cleaning of the watch parts.

Before cleaning, the mechanism is removed from the case, the watch hands and the dial are removed. It is recommended that all cleaned parts be stored under a glass cover.


Watch cleaning machine Elma

Watch cleaning machine Elma

Using a mechanized method of dry cleaning of parts, the mechanism completely disassembl. The installation for mechanized dry cleaning of parts has several cans, which are desirable to be numbered. In addition to chemical solutions, you can use acetone, gasoline, alcohol or distilled water, depending on the contamination. Step by step the parts are washed, beginning with solution No. 1, etc. Large parts of watches like platinum, bridges, a drum, etc. are placed on the bottom of the basket. It is very important to lay them so that they do not overlap each other. Small parts are placed in one of the recesses on a tray of the basket together with bolts and pawls. The spring is not recommended to wash through chemical solutions, as its can cause corrosion.

Since some varieties of shellac and coatings do not tolerate the Impact of a solutions, the anker and balance should preferably be cleaned with proven solutions or gasoline.

Usually the washing time is half a minute. Finally, the basket is loaded into the heating chamber, where it slowly rotates within a minute.

About cleansing solutions:

Cleansers are used several dozen cycles. In addition, if the solution is not used for a long time, then it spoils, and it needs to be updated.

Cleansing gasoline is not so clean and leaves stains. There is very pure gasoline, like, for example, medical, but it is expensive.

Ultrasonic cleaning Bandelin Sonorex Super RK 514

Ultrasonic cleaning Bandelin Sonorex Super RK 514

Ultrasound is more effective than all types of manual cleaning. In addition, ultrasound provides gentle handling, preventing mechanical damage, such as scratches.